The Los Angeles Lakers are on the brink of elimination, losing last night's Round 1 matchup against the Phoenix Suns by a large margin. Dropping the game by a total of thirty points, many have started counting out the LeBron James-led squad, citing injuries as their downfall for this season.

The team will need to wake up and make some serious adjustments before Thursday if they want a chance at winning another championship. One of the biggest questions surrounding Game 6 has to do with Anthony Davis' status. Will the superstar be available to play? Or will he spend another game on the sidelines with a groin injury? With the number of injuries AD sustained this year, Charles Barkley has come up with a pretty disrespectful nickname for the big man, debuting it during his TNT broadcast last night.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Predicting that the Suns will win this series, Chuck said, "Forget about the championship. [The Lakers] can't win this series without Street Clothes," when Ernie Johnson pressed him to elaborate, he said, "I call him Anthony 'Street Clothes' Davis 'cause he's always in street clothes."

The panelists found the joke pretty funny, chuckling at the new nickname. We've heard The Brow and simply AD, but Street Clothes is a new one.

Hopefully, Davis is healthy enough to suit up on Thursday. The Lakers desperately need him back.