He's a longtime, avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers but their loss to the Phoenix Suns has Snoop Dogg throwing his hands in the air. The Long Beach icon represents all things California without hesitation, especially as it pertains to sports. On Tuesday (June 1) evening, the Lakers faced off against the Suns in Game 5 of the playoffs, and no one expected the Southern California team to lose by 30 points, 85 to 115.

As expected, reactions to this loss have been tremendous, coming from everyday fans to former Lakers players to sports commentators to...Snoop Dogg. "Never thought I's say it but we sorry and the clippers better than us," the rapper penned in a text image he shared to Instagram.

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He wasn't quite finished. "Frank vogel can't coach and why the f*ck montrez harrel ain't getting no run. F*ck this is heart breaking A d. Hurt more than Mary j blige. Records. We soft [finger pointing up emoji][angry censored emojis][thumbs down emoji]." Snoop wrote in the caption that he didn't want anyone calling him, but his son Cordell couldn't help but tease his dad.

"[crying laughing emojis] I love when the Lakers don’t win just to see what you gon post," Cordell worte in the comments. Snoop was one of the thousands of disappointed responses that also included Magic Johnson who told his team to show up and show out at Game 6 on Thursday. Check out a few posts about the game below.