Marvel Comics’ love affair with hip hop runs deep, but so far they’ve only focused on the music side of the industry, creating innumerable hip hop variant covers as well as inviting Method Man to help write a Ghost Rider Christmas comic. The comics company has branched out a bit in 2017 by inviting Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne Tha God to pen his own Marvel Comics story.

The divisive radio and TV personality is a huge Marvel fan (he has Wolverine tattooed on his right arm), so this was a mutually beneficially collaboration. Charlamagne didn’t just write the story; he plays a key part of the story. The story they created is called Charlamagne Tha God’s Marvel New Year’s Eve, and the plot is properly petty for The Breakfast Club host. In the story, Charlamagne throws a New Year’s Eve party and invites a lot of Marvel superheroes, but leaves out Norman Osbourne AKA The Green Goblin. A revenge plot ensues.

Check out a few panels from the story above. Charlamagne Tha God’s Marvel New Year’s Eveis available now for $1.99 if you’re sufficiently intrigued.

[via Complex]