Chance The Rapper's newest musical offering, officially billed as Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's SURF, has to be one of the most mysterious albums in some time. First of all, the fact that Chance is not billed as the lead artist left many confused, while details of the project have remained scarce.

Recently, it was rumored that the project would be dropping this month, but so far there's been no sign of it. Fans have been badgering both Chance and Donnie about the LP, and while there was talk of some of the master files being damaged and causing indefinite delays, the project is now complete. 

Andrew Barber, the creator of the Chicago rap scene's most important blog, Fake Shore Drive, was treated to an exclusive listening of the album, which he had quite a bit to say about, without revealing too many surprises.

You can read his full rundown here, but we've provided a few major things we learned from reading his piece.

- It's 16 tracks long

- Chance plays more of an executive-producer role, rather than appearing as the lead artist

- Donnie Trumpet really is the frontman of the Social Experiment

- Many rappers and R&B singers, both young and old, show up

- It's incredibly varied, but altogether cohesive

- It's a summer album

- It's written to be performed live

- It's coming "soon"

That's about all we'll have to go off for now. We're thinking the LP will be dropping out of the blue, so stop pestering the guys and you should be listening to SURF before you know it.