Chance the Rapper quietly held his "Magnificent Coloring World 2" event in Chicago today. The event was announced just yesterday, and unlike last year's inaugural party, invitations to this year's "once in a lifetime experience" were only given out to a very select group of fans -- the top 0.001%. The Coloring Book rapper partnered with SoundCloud in order to identify such devoted members of his fanbase.

Though little is known about what went down today, a few of the avowed attendees said that there were cameramen at the event who seemingly worked for Netflix. And it turns out that Chance went on Twitter on Thursday to solicit Netflix to send a representative to Chicago, writing, "I'm praying that I could get just one person from @netflix to come to Chicago for the next two days."

Netflix hasn't confirmed its presence at the event -- nor has Chance, and a hasty deal would have had to occur for the streaming site to agree to turning the intimate show into an official flick. Still, one would think that Netflix would be interested in partnering with the 23-year-old Chicagoan, who was recently included in Fortune magazine's list of the World's Greatest Leaders

Below are some social media reactions from those lucky enough to be a part of the "Magnificent Coloring World 2" experience.