For argument's sake, Chance The Rapper's fans on the Eastern perimeter of Australia are within their right to be displeased with having their concert tickets annulled on less than 24-hours notice. On the other hand, to assume that Chance The Rapper's undisclosed illness is an utter fabrication, akin to playing hooky on the day of a chemistry test, is a rather cruel assessment of the situation, his character - seeing as Chance has a mostly-unblemished attendance record in previous years.

And yet, that alone fell short of entering the minds of festival attendees voicing their displeasure on Twitter, where the brunt of the backlash was focused. As reflected in the above statement posted by Chance's would-be hosts, the Splendour In The Grass festival committee, who then offered up a replacement (Hilltop Hoods)  in an attempt to assuage the embittered ticket holders.

It didn't seem to matter that Chance The Rapper had taken the proper recursive action; the damage had been done. As depicted in a news post published by the DailyMail, the most unyielding of the ticket holders took to Twitter demanding a doctor's letter as a burden of proof, and nothing less. In the end, the overlapping trip from the United States to New South Wales is a daunting one, even for the most seasoned of travelers. The ever-conscionable Chance The Rapper will likely have to arrange for a do-over showing in Australia if he hopes to ever recover from the bitter taste he's left with concert-goers in New South Wales. Such is the rule of honor it would seem.