It's hard to argue that any other new artist had a bigger impact than Cardi B last year. With her two monster singles "Bodak Yellow" and "Bartier Cardi," the anticipation for her debut album is at an all-time high. To the surprise of basically nobody, Cardi B came through last night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, bringing home the prize for Best New Artist. Her speech was eventful to say the least, announcing her upcoming album's release month, thanking her haters for still buying her music just to trash it, and, of course, shouting out Offset.

One of the highlights of the night, Cardi showed off her vivacious personality, cackling enough for the entire city to hear her and hitting the audience with plenty of "OKRRRR's." Here are some of the most meme-worthy moments of her speech.

The artist behind the Gangsta Bitch Music found out that she had won the category and immediately stuck out her tongue before standing up. Quite a candid moment, and we wouldn't expect any less from Cardi.

Cardi walks up to the stage and does some weird, celebratory hand gesture before embracing some of her fans with a handshake.

She literally can not look any happier to be winning this award.

In the middle of thanking her label, her fans and everyone in between, Cardi exclaims the sassiest "who else?" you've ever heard.

Cardi makes sure to thank her fans who, even when she's wrong, they say "well, she's still right."

Her fun-loving nature shined through as she thanked her haters who still buy her music just to hate on her. She cackled as she said that their actions still benefit her.

Finally, Cardi closed out her speech by announcing that her album is on the way and hit an "OKRRR" on the mic.

How do you feel about Cardi B winning Best New Artist last night? Watch her full speech below and let us know your favorite moment in the comments.