Cardi B performed a gospel version of "Clout" with her wardrobe department last night. The clip which has been viewed a whopping 10.9 million times since it first aired, puts her immaculate abs into focus. The 26-year old rapper has been vocal in her rejection of laborious fitness regimens. There simply isn't enough time in the day for her to employ a personal trainer, and by the looks it, she's found a roundabout way to keep those rock-hard abs from softening up.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

In the above video, Cardi B sets off on the gospel version of her "Cloud" duet with hubby Offset. While there's no indication this version of the song will ever be recorded officially, it's pretty clear the Bodack Yellow Church does its best work behind the scenes.

Cardi does credit her assistants (by name) in the aforementioned post (@kollincarter @tokyostylez @iam_kingpee), even though their faces stay hidden for the duration of the performance - save for the one assistant tending to her hair. "Clout" appears on Offset's solo debutFather Of 4 in its nascent form. This gospel rendering proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cardi has plenty of surprises left in the bank, so don't count her out.