Cardi B was feeling her natural self recently and decided to post photo evidence of her natural assets. The femcee recorded a short video to put her fluffy mane on display while flexing that post-baby stomach. This serves as an update following the "skinny" content she shared back in November of last yet. Check out the clip below.

A couple of months ago, the young mother had opened up about how her body had changed after giving birth to her daughter. While she claimed to be glad about the weight loss she was able to achieve, then "Money" artist felt frustrated. She worried the curves she lost might not return. Based on the "Twerk" music videos, most would agree that Bardi is still equipped well enough to shake her tailfeather, even though her stomach seems to be even flatter than the period in which she claimed to be "depressed" about her newly-slim figure.

Her fans seem mostly impressed by all that hair on her head since the rapper usually keeps it tucked under a wig. Cardi recently revealed how much she pays for these hair pieces. The price tag is no joke but spares her actually hair from being overmanipulated when trying to achieve all of the different styles she's been rocking.