Cardi B has become more than just a reality Tv fixture who's become one of the world's hottest rappers - she's now giving some pretty solid sex and relationship advice to anyone who asks!

When a TMZ photographer caught up with her recently, their back-and-forth quickly went from asking question about her to passing on words of wisdom to him. However, the opening question was about the rumor that social media users in particular have been speculating hard over: the possibility that Cardi has gotten herself engaged to Migos member Offset. Earlier today, we reported that she denied those claims on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards, but admitted that she'd be open to getting married at some point in her life. I'm sure Offset wasn't necessarily surprised by this statement, especially considering that he copped her a custom piece that ran him a bill of $60,000.

Once they were off that topic, the photographer asked Cardi if she's pat of the faction of Americans who maintain their celibacy until marriage. Her response: "definitely not". She followed up that comment with her hottest take of all, which was that bumping her song "Bodak Yellow" will go a long way to helping any man "get some p***y." We're not exactly sure what sort of field research she's put into this highly scientific hypothesis, but her security detail definitely agree with her, with one of them going so far as to make that statement a virtual guarantee. Cardi then upped the ante, promising that, if the photog in question blasted that track while driving down Rodeo Drive, he'd be finding some lovin' without a problem. I'm half-expecting to see a follow-up from the TMZ employee sometime soon, either confirming or denying the premise put forth by Cardi and her crew.

Speaking of "Bodak Yellow," the song has been remixed and re-worked ad nauseum over the past week or so. However, one of the best and most original interpretations of Cardi B's hit single was by a geography teacher named Erica Buddington, who taught her students about continents and more while they danced in their seats. If you haven't seen the video yet, it's worth a look.