Coronavirus has put the world at a halt but the pandemic has caused even more stress on the medical system. As citizens practice social distancing to slow down the spread of COVID-19, doctors and nurses are doing whatever they can to increase the speed of testing. However, people are still suffering from other types of medical issues. Cardi B, for instance, was recently rushed to the hospitals after suffering stomach pains. 

Apparently, some fans thought that Cardi was using her celebrity status to get access to COVID-19 testing. A user on Twitter pointed out the flaws in testing after her aunt's friend was denied service at the hospital due to the overwhelming amount of patients. "She's been stuck at home with the rest of her family without getting help. So I go on social media and see Cardi B at the hospital because she 'thinks' she has the virus and getting the help she needs," the person wrote. After suggesting that Cardi a) hasn't donated anything for frontline workers of the pandemic and b) is using up resources that could be used towards people who've actually contracted the virus, the "Press" rapper drew the line.

"Ummmmmm I was literally throwing up everything I swallow and lost 5 pounds in 4days do to stomach issues.NOT CAUSE OF THE RONA. You can still go to the hospital for other problems you know," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. 

Interesting that this fan decided to call Cardi B, out of all people, out on this. Cardi has actually been quite vocal about celebrities getting easier access to COVID-19 in the past which prompted a response from Idris Elba. Check out the tweet below.