In case you missed it, Cardi B did her best Lil Uzi impersonation over the weekend and decided climb some huge scaffolding on stage during her set at Made In America Festival. The clip of her has since gone viral with Cardi rapping her hit song “Press” from a top the stage while hanging on with one arm high above the crowd (see below).

We’re not sure who’s idea it was to climb the stage, but Cardi said she was “scared” during it all. On Monday, Cardi took to her IG to share the footage of her wild stage antics, and let us know that “bitch I was scared.”

Cardi, who will resume her North American tour next weekend, was able to get down the scaffolding safely and finish the rest of her show. But clearly, the hype and energy from the crowd got Cardi out of her comfort zone for a few minutes. If you’re interested in seeing Cardi live in person, you can peep the rest of her U.S. tour dates right here.