Rappers Cardi B and Migos can breathe a sigh of relief now that they're off the hook for the fight that broke out after the Met Gala in May of last year. The fashion event is a place for the who's who of the entertainment industry to walk the red carpet, and usually, nothing troublesome goes down. If anything, you may see a celebrity or two trip over a piece of couture threads, but that's about as crazy as it gets.

That is, until last year when a fan, Giovanni Arnold, was allegedly harassing Cardi B. and crew for an autograph. Arnold walked alongside Cardi, but was getting a little too close for comfort. Before you know it, a scuffle broke out on the street right in front of The Mark Hotel. There were rumors that Arnold was suing Migos and Cardi for the assault and that the rappers' security teams were in trouble with the law for the fight.

However, TMZ now reports that the team can rest easy because they won't be facing charges in connection with the assault. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Arnold is refusing to cooperate with NYPD, even though he can clearly be seen in the video being wrestled to the ground. The case has reportedly been closed, and the team nor the rappers are being held responsible.

However, they all may still be facing a case, seeing that Arnold had hired attorney Daniel Szalkiewicz to represent him in a civil lawsuit where he claims that he had injuries on his face, neck, back, and various parts of his body.