At this point, there's no denying that Cardi B is a superstar in the making. Her Billboard chart feats have now become the stuff of legend, equaling records that have only be achieved by the likes of Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. Beyond that, her social media presence has added another dimension to her public persona, with often hilarious videos dotting her Instagram and Twitter feeds. Now, she's at it again, this time to send a proper thank you to her fans for her recent success.

Kicking things off with her traditional opening line, "What's poppin'," Cardi began by gushing about the success that her remix of Bruno Mars' "Finesse" has been met with over the past couple of weeks. She also thanked the singer very much for the opportunity to hop on the collaboration and, based on the kind of popularity their teaming has generated so far, somehow I doubt this is last time Bardi and Bruno cut a record together.

All that said, the biggest takeaway from the video was actually that Cardi B is still super thankful for all the love her fans have shown her. In her eyes, without them, this massive uptick in fame that she's fallen into wouldn't have happened in the first place. It's refreshing to see someone whose rise to prominence has been as meteoric as Cardi's has to continue communicating in such a heartfelt way with her fan base.

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