In light of all the "divorce" hoopla, Cardi B's crab leg video from a few days ago has taken on new life. In case you missed it, Cardi B posted a video on Instagram she ate pasta and crab leg entree in the most genteel manner possible. Sucking out the crab meat out of a hollow carcass is hardly the easiest thing to do with grace, and Cardi B manages to keep the mess at a minimum, all without a bib. She does it in a white tunic no less.

Cardi B and ASMR fans alike have taken to the video, all agree there is something deeply satisfying about watching her go about the steps with maximum efficiency. First, she snaps the legs into two manageable parts, tossing one back into her bag, a receptacle that doubles as a garbage deposit. You can tell she's done this before.

Next, she dips the crab leg in horseradish, sprinkles lemon, and readies her first bite/suction in one fluid motion. Her video post captioned "Good Veneers" will no doubt draw contempt from her dentist, whom she has quoted in the past ("Got a bag and fixed my teeth"). Cardi showed very little restraint the very next day, going on Instagram live with the second plate of crab legs in as many days. ASMR affects more than 5 million people Worldwide - does the Cardi B crab leg video work on you?