Cardi B recently made her way to West Africa for performances in Ghana and Nigeria. If you've spotted any footage on social media, it looks like she definitely had a hell of a time. However, she did make sure to give back to the less fortunate while she was in Lagos for Livespot X Festival. The rapper also paid a visit to an orphanage in Lagos where she donated diapers, water, and feminine products, Billboard reports. Cardi B shared photos from her visit to the orphanage.

"Gotta thank the ladies and the gentlemen that nurtured these kids that need just a little bit of more love and protection and gear them up for a better place ,destiny and future.People like YALL MATTER," she wrote on Instagram.

Brooklyn Johnny, who was with Cardi during the visit, also shared pictures from their visit with a bit more insight into what they did. "We spent our only free time in Nigeria shopping for children in need. We literally bought as much as the vehicles we had in our convoy could carry... Today was a good day. Tonight’s show will be special," he wrote. "THANK YOU LAGOS for all the love!"

Aside from visiting the orphanage, Cardi B also paid a visit to a local strip club and had two massive shows in Ghana and Nigeria.