Cardi B decided to reactivate her Instagram page Wednesday night, and she wasted no time poppin’ off. After announcing her new single with Bruno Mars, which is dropping Thursday night, the Bronx sensation shared a tragic story of an inmate reportedly passing away at the hands of the prison system, specifically the correctional officers. Having had enough, Cardi shared the story on her IG Wednesday night and brought to attention the C.O.’s beating her friend up years ago when she visited him. Cardi specifically had harsh words for the Greene Correctional Facility in New York where supposedly all these shady practices have been happening.

“GREENCORRECTIONAL FACILITY YOU NOT FUCKING GETTING AWAY WITH THIS ONE BITCH!!I remember when I went to visit some one in Green and I couldn’t stop crying cause the C.O beat they face up so bad boy had a black eye for months !! And the shit is ya been doing it FOR YEARS AND BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH IT FOR FUCKIN YEARS !!!!If you from Ny and ya have love ones incarcerated ya know about Greens and the mistreatments of inmate!" she wrote as her caption.

Check out Cardi’s emotional rant (below).