Cardi B and Offset have been getting money for a minute now, so I'll do my best to steer the conversation away from the excessive budget they put towards Kulture's first ever birthday party. In an age where the one percenters sometimes up to $50k on rental plants just to accentuate their party/functions with "living color" - $400,000 doesn't seem like much of a dent in their pocketbooks.

What's more, Cardi B and Offset met their objectives with a citywide power outage causing hindrance to their plans. The motion to follow through with the party in New York, in spite of the blackout, prompted an angry response from a bunch of "less fortunate" New Yorkers, whose candlelit evenings paled in comparison when juxtaposed with Cardi's lavish accommodations. The wrath of her fellow New Yorker would eventually reach her administrative desk, prompting her to declare a code orange LITUATION. She also took a thinly-veiled jab at neighboring New Jersey, for reasons better left unsaid.

"The fact that I wanted my daughter party in 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my fucking luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!!BITCH THE DEVIL!"  Cardi posted on Insta in defense of her family's ostentatious display.

With the same posting, Cardi B revealed some of the expenditures (that went into the party) but not their dollar amounts. The theme, as chosen by a garbling Kulture, was her favorite educational TV show, Word Party. Those who RSVP'd were given their choice of pastries and other pleasantries upon entering the premises. Once the clock struck bedtime, the children were either put to sleep nearby or tranquilized to accelerate the process of creating a dancefloor out of open space; who better than a New York-centric crowd to keep the mojo going strong during a power outage. Give it some time folks, you'll get over the envious feeling soon enough.