Cardi B recently shared an adorable video of her young one, Kulture, for the world to see. The post was shared via the rapper's Instagram account and documented Kulture's similarity to her mother via the attitude. In the video, we can see Kulture staring at the camera with what appears to be nonchalance as Cardi speaks to her in the background. Indeed, Kulture looks as though she could not be bothered at the moment. As such, it appears Cardi saw a lot of herself in her daughter's response to her filming. The video was tied to the quote: "Maaaa attitude." What do you think? Do you see a bit of Cardi in Kulture's reaction?

Aside from this, the latest news surrounding Cardi B includes the rapper delving into politics. Accordingly, the Hip Hop artist has been making use of her platform to discuss the upcoming presidential elections along with the 2020 candidates. Back in April, the rapper had shared an image of the 2020 democratic field and encouraged her followers to stay up to date on the race so they could vote when it was time. She's since followed up with more political post including one where she asks her supporters to think about the changes they want to see in their communities and consider the latter in their voting choices.