Cardi B and Offset's dogs were way ahead of them in the baby department. According to Cardi's new video on Instagram, her pooch was "so thirsty to be a mom" that she popped out her eight puppies to get the whole mom train rollin'. In the video below, Cardi shows off her little puppies not even able to walk yet as they are stretched out on the ground with their parents surrounding them. 

At the end of the clip Offset and Cardi smile for the video boasting about being grandparents - check it out below.

In other Cardi news, she yet again had to clap back at Instagram users going after her for clubbing while pregnant. 

"So now ya so concern on what can harm my baby? But when bitches was attacking me online everyday ya wasn't concern about baby... Dont drama that causes stress harm babies more than anything? dont the mother stress in the brain and in the body harms the baby," she said. "But ya ain't gave a fuck tho right? Cause it was entertaining to ya. Dont worry about me and mines and what I'm doing. Me and my baby is great."