She's a polarizing figure in the political arena as her opinions are often debated in pop culture. Candace Owens and her far-right ideologies aren't always welcomed in certain circles, causing her to be constantly criticized on social media and beyond. Recently, Owens released her book Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation, and while it's all the rage among her fans, Owens claims that Amazon's employees have attempted to destroy her work.

"Dear @amazon. About 1,000 people have written to let me know that your employees appear to be stomping on and in this case, smearing Vaseline on my books before mailing them," Candace Owens tweeted. "I know it must have pained you to ship out all 90,000 copies you had in stock— but this is unacceptable."

Owens went on to share a few dissatisfied customers' books and added, "The pettiness will do nothing to thwart sales. Let’s try to get the next 100,000 that I plan to sell out of your warehouse, treated with a bit more respect by the looney lefties packing the product, please." Amazon has yet to respond to the allegations that they mishandled her products. Check out Owens's tweets along with a few images below.