Cam'ron has been documenting his apparent affair with his condo neighbor which has taken a few dark yet entertaining turns. The rapper's seemingly pushing his Pink Horsepower -- his all-natural male supplement -- but he's stated that this entire saga has not been staged to promote the product. Each episode has taken some dramatic turns but the season finale was certainly a cliffhanger.

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Last month, the rapper revealed that his neighbor was finally fed up with him not returning her calls or text messages and began throwing pennies at him from her balcony. Yesterday, he revealed that he hooked up with the neighbor's sister and took her on a jetski as payback. The rapper hinted that she violated him and began vandalizing his property, though he had yet to elaborate. "Yea I slid.. got the neighbor sister wit me. She I had to violate," he explained. "Ima show y’all what she did. Now ya sister getting that Blue horsepower 5.0, pray for her."

Apparently, it was the Blue Horsepower that resulted in the messiest season finale in reality TV history (probably not) -- a pregnancy scare. The rapper revealed that the neighbor had covered the interior and exterior of his pink Audi R8 with sticky notes. One of them read, "Look behind you." 

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"So if you seen yesterday I had The neighbors sister with me and I gave her that Blue mixed wit @pinkhorsepower She might be pregnant," he captioned the post. "I landed and see this on my car..talking bout “maybe now You’ll get my messages” yea ight.. don’t play with my property. You going to jail!!! And you about to be an aunt. I was gonna drive to the precinct like this but then i thought how dumb I look..and I couldn’t see.. anyway.. season 2 coming with her sister."

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