A few days back Busta Rhymes shared a video on Instagram letting all his followers, fans, and future booking agents know that Rasheem "Bubba" Barker is not his manager, but rather just a thief who has stolen thousands of promoters money, using Busta's name. "DO NOT SPEAK TO RASHEEM “BUBBA” BARKER ABOUT ANYTHING CONCERNING MY BUSINESSES!! HE IS RUNNING AND HIDING AS A RESULT OF BEING CAUGHT STEALING BETWEEN 300 AND 400K OF DIFFERENT PROMOTERS MONEY AND IS CURRENTLY BEING DEALT WITH LEGALLY BY ALL OF THE PROMOTERS HE STOLE FROM!!!" Busta captioned his video.

TMZ reports that the "Touch It" rapper is taking serious legal action and documents detail how Rasheem booked gigs for Busta in 2016 and 2018 and just pocketed the $60K for himself. Busta also claims that his ex-employee stole $8K from him that was supposed to be for travel expenses to go to Toronto. 

Of course, Busta got in trouble for no-showing on a gig he had no idea about with a judgment price of $22,478 and he wants Rasheem to pay up. In all, Busta is going after Rasheem for more than $500k.

Watch Busta's video message about the matter below.