Burger King is once again making headlines with its creative ways of getting to customers, even if it's by outing other platforms or competitive fast food chains. 

In the restaurant's latest move, they use their famous Whopper - and the customers who are ordering the sandwich - in an experiment that shows them what the World Wide Web can turn into if Net Neutrality is abolished. 

The video below shows the reactions of customers who went to Burger King and ordered a Whopper, but with an option of three different price points. They could choose from The Slow MBPS (Making Burgers Per Second), Fast MBPS and the Hyperfast MBPS. The only difference between each combo is the hike in price and the time it takes to get your burger. 

If they chose the Hyperfast combo their burger was made a top priority over every other order and they received the fastest service. If you they chose the Slow combo their burger took forever. Burger King is trying to show customers what accessing the Internet would be like if they don't do what they can to ensure Net Neutrality for all. 

Check out the video below that shows the reactions of customers getting real mad about having to wait for a Whopper.