Living off a fast food wage is not exactly easy, which is probably why two New Hampshire Burger King employees decided to participate in some little extra-curricular activities to pad their pocketbooks. Garret “Nasty Boy” Norris and Meagan Dearborn were both arrested for selling marijuana while on the job at their Epping, New Hampshire, Burger King.

The process was reportedly to ask if “Nasty Boy” was working and then request their fries be made “extra crispy.” After giving the code words, the buyer would receive a coffee cup filled with weed in addition to their order. It’s unclear how long the two had been slanging from the drive-through window, but they clearly had it down to a science.

Unfortunately, a local police officer eventually caught wind of the operation and went undercover to make an order for himself. When Harris passed off the coffee cup of weed, both he and Dearborn were arrested.

Garrett Norris is facing charges of sale of a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute Meagan Dearborn is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs and unlawful possession of alcohol. They’ll be arraigned on February 22.

[via Seacoast Online]