DJ Screw's death rocked the Hip Hop community after he overdosed in 2000. The official cause of his death was tied to codeine. If you ask any of his entourage, the artist was deep into his use of lean at the time of his death. During an interview with VladTV Bun B discussed how his passing affected their associates and the community in Texas.

The icon's deadly overdose was overwhelming for many since he was considered a "local hero." Bun B recalls how a lot of people were saying that they should all quit sipping lean, making claims about their own plans to quit given the tragic event. According to Bun, his UGK teammate Pimp C had a divergent attitude from the common one. Although he agreed the habit was a bad idea, he felt like those claims were phony. Bun paraphrased his beliefs: "Let's not be hypocrites [...] Let's not act like we're not gonna pour up again."

In retrospect, Pimp C was right. Most of those people kept using lean and many of them are still "sippin till this day," as Bun B says. Pimp C was found dead in a hotel room in 2007. The cause is also related to codeine.

Watch the full clip below.

For the youngins who might not be familiar with DJ Screw's legacy, know that he is responsible for those "chopped & screwed" tracks.