There have been plenty of online debates regarding ingle parenthood, specifically motherhood, today following DaBaby and DaniLeigh's fallout. While not everyone has hopped on social media to direct their messages to the two artists, it has been speculated by the public that some, like Brittany Renner, may be speaking about the ongoing tension between the former couple.

However, Renner has seen her own bit of drama after welcoming a child with NBA player PJ Washington. She has stood accused of "grooming"  or "trapping" him because of their age difference and it was only earlier this year when their son was born.

"Nobody plans to be a baby mama…um…most people just want a FAMILY," she tweeted. "Save the ring lectures because getting married doesn’t guarantee a damn thing. You could do everything right and IT STILL NOT WORK. Like…are y’all ok? Life happens! 'ThAt’Ll NeVeR bE me' until it’s you. If you choose to have a child with someone, married or not, just accept whatever comes behind it. That’s my only advice. Having a forever tie with someone is no joke and raising a baby isn’t easy."

"People are quick to judge but it’s a journey. You live and learn." Renner also told mothers out there to "stay strong" and make sure they have a support system. Read her tweets below.

Brittany Renner