There is no denying that Boosie Badazz is a controversial dude. The Baton Rouge native has spoken at length about his legal history, including when he was facing the death penalty several years ago. The rapper is now in the clear but he continues to do things that make people shake their heads. Just this weekend, he attended the Cucumber Party that was hosted by Trouble and YFN Lucci, sharing a video of Alexis Skyy completing the challenge in an extremely graphic fashion. Boo regularly sits down to chat with hip-hop commentator DJ Vlad and today, a new video was uploaded from their sit-down conversation pertaining to the artist's parental skills. The duo specifically spoke about how Boosie disciplines his children, which will surely prove to be head-scratching to some.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The cancer survivor told listeners that when his children are acting up, he's not afraid to take measures to warn them for next time. "I chew 'em out in front of their other brothers and sisters," says Boosie about what he does when one of his kids is out of line. "They don't like that. You don't like to get embarrassed in front of your brothers and sisters. Other than that, if they out of line I beat they ass. Like, I beat my kids' ass. And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot."

Vlad wanted to make sure Boosie's message didn't get misconstrued so he gave the rapper time to elaborate. He only made things worse though. "I can't really talk about how bad I beat 'em," said Boopac, suggesting that sometimes, it can get pretty ugly.

Do you agree with Boosie's parenting skills? Are we even fit to judge what he's doing in his household?