The prison industrial complex is alive and well this week, as Bobby Shmurda associate Santino Broderick received an astounding 117 1/2 to 130 years in prison yesterday. Based on the lengthy sentence, you'd assume Broderick AKA Cueno has been convicted of multiple grisly murder charges. That isn't the case here, as the GS9 member was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and multiple additional felonies, crimes painted painted by the prosecution as gang-related violence.

Understandably, Broderick was distraught in court, cussing out Justice Abraham Clott, who reportedly remained calm throughout. Some of the phrases Broderick threw at the judge included "suck my dick" and "fuck yourself."

In a statement released yesterday, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said the following:

"Santino Broderick was convicted of multiple incidents involving shocking violence, and which reflected utter disregard for human life ... The sentence imposed on him today will protect the community, and appropriately punish behavior that terrorized countless innocent people."

The language used in the above statement points to a moralizing judgement made on Broderick that is typical of how the US Justice system treats young black men in America.

We'll keep you posted on any updates. We sure hope Broderick appeals this.