It's sort of crazy to think that "Hot Nigga" rapper Bobby Shmurda has been in prison now since 2014. It's even crazier to think that in December news had broke that the rapper's sentence might be reduced, as news surfaced today about a plea deal he accepted that will extend his sentence 1.3 to 4 years according to

Long story short, back in 2015 Shmurda was caught for trying to smuggle contraband into Rikers Island after his girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau tried to sneak a shank into the jail for Shmurda during a visit. The rapper was charged with attempted promoting prison contraband, a nonviolent felony that could have added as many as seven years to his sentence but Shmurda bit the bullet by pleading guilty to the charge. His girlfriend also faces the same charge.

While this isn't the best news for the rapper who has already been serving a six-year sentence, it's not as bad as it could be. If you haven't heard yet, one of Shmurda's associates was recently given a 100-plus-year sentence for which he cursed the judge for. At least Shmurda isn't staring down that barrel.