Another one. Bobby Shmurda's friends and family have put together multiple bail packages in an attempt to get the rapper out of jail, and they've been denied one after another. In December, the family somehow came up with the $2 million and put forth a detailed report as to the money's origins-- however that package was denied. Following that, there were reports that Martin Shkreli (aka Douchebag) would be putting forth Shmurda's bail-- of course Shkreli was arrested himself soon after, and likely used whatever money he was planning on using for Shmurda's bail on himself (his own bail was $5 million).

Apparently Shmurda's lawyers were back in court today with yet another bond package, and that too was denied. It's unclear where this bail money came from, but Fader reports that Judge Clott told the court he sees "no substantive change" in Shmurda and is "satisfied that the case is extraordinarily serious."

Shmurda is next scheduled to appear in court on February 22nd, where he'll stand trial after an alleged girlfriend attempted to smuggle in a "sharpened metal object," in addition to charges of promoting contraband in jail.

Of course, Shmurda's family, friends and lawyers remain frustrated with the case. Recently, Shmurda's lawyers claimed they were investigating the cops involved in the arrest.

We'll keep you posted on Shmurda's on-going case.