Bobby Shmurda can't catch a break. According to the prosecution at Bobby Shmurda's court appearance Wednesday, the rapper was arrested on June 23 on 1st degree charges of "promoting prison contraband" after he received a "sharpened metal instrument" on July 21. The charge will not be addressed at the October 5 trial date.

“Promoting prison contraband" constitutes “knowingly and unlawfully introduc[ing] any dangerous contraband into a detention facility,” or, “Being a person confined in a detention facility [who] knowingly and unlawfully makes, obtains or possesses any dangerous contraband" according to the New York penal code. It is a Class D felony. 

Shmurda's latest charge will be heard in Bronx Criminal Court, the jurisdiction under which Rikers Island lies. 

[via HipHopDX]