It's a whole different world out there in the Middle East. If you've ever taken a trip to Dubai, you know exactly what I mean already. Tons of expensive cars can be seen on the road and it feels like everybody is living in lavish luxury. When it comes to fashion sense though, everybody can primarily be spotted in some traditional garb, rocking long white garments and fitting in with the rest of society. Gucci Mane was recently in the country and he adopted the stylistic custom, dressing in his cloth and strutting on the street. Perhaps Blueface was inspired because, during his trip to the Middle East, he also put on the traditional costume and took a quick video for the 'gram.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Uploading the clip to social media, the Cash Money West rapper put a spin on the outfit, adding his label's chain on the outside to ensure his drip remains impeccable. Clearly, BF is having fun overseas and, while he will surely offend some people with the display, others will be amused by the look.

What do you think of Blueface's Dubai drip? Should he take things one step further and begin learning the language so he can spice up his flows?