Blueface has become a viral sensation over the last few months thanks to some hit tracks in "Thotiana," "Respect My Crypn," "Next Big Thing," and "Thotiana." Even his latest track, "Bleed It," has gained quite a bit of traction and has turned him into one of the biggest rising stars in hip-hop. His music has gained the attention of some pretty big stars as Cardi B, YG, G-Eazy and even Drake have co-signed the West Coast rapper. It's clear that whatever Blueface does next, people will be paying attention, especially since he's been teasing a project that could have some pretty big features on it. 

Now that Blueface has seen some success, he's definitely getting to the money. The rapper hasn't been shy to flaunt his recently acquired wealth and that eagerness to flex was on full display thanks to his latest Instagram post. Blueface, who consistently refers to himself as a cryp, posted a picture of himself sitting on top of a red Ferrari while wearing a black and red outfit. 

The "Thotiana" rapper made sure to address anybody who even dared to call him out for the conflicting colors, saying "the color I wear don’t make me a cryp the work I put in make me a cryp 😈 dumba**."

Blueface recently appeared on a track with G-Eazy called "West Coast" which can be heard here.