With the legalization of marijuana, several social justice advocates have called for the release of individuals currently incarcerated for marijuana possession. Such conversation often ties in the Black Lives Matter movement into the mix as sadly, the incarcerated group disproportionately consists of Black and Brown men and women. Moreover, the conversation also brings in the unjust treatment of minorities by police and the criminal justice system as a whole. And with consideration of this, it seems as though everyday shocking stories (usually accompanied by visual proof thanks to social media and the digital age) surface and prove why such cries of social justice remain justified. While New York City achieved a milestone lately by decriminalizing marijuana, an Illinois-based Black man was recently brutally assaulted by a police officer for having some on him. 

According to ABC7Chicago, a Dekalb, Illinois resident named Elonte McDowell was stopped and searched by police officers after they received information that McDowell had marijuana in his possession. Eventually, McDowell attempted to flee and things went left. His girlfriend filmed the whole thing as the police choked the man near unconsciousness before tasering him. The video has since gone viral and once more re-opened the conversation surrounding police brutality, marijuana legalization and who it truly benefits. Watch the shocking video above.