It's been months since Blac Chyna started teasing a new career move, posing for pictures in the studio. It seemed inevitable that she would eventually make the switch and start recording music. Everything was pointing in that direction, whether we were actually asking for it or not. There were many that voiced their displeasure about the entertainer picking up a microphone. In Chyna's defence, the majority of her diehard fans were rocking with the idea. Finally, her debut single has dropped as "Deserve" hit streaming services a few days ago. Fan reaction is understandably mixed with a good number of people writing off the track altogether.

Featuring Jeremih and Yo Gotti, Blac Chyna decided that the easiest way to win over crowds was by involving some popular artists as featured guests. Unfortunately, the move didn't necessarily win her any love from the ruthless critics as the song is getting slammed back into oblivion. On social media, it's been rare to see people voicing their support for the new single (there are definitely a few though) as the dominant opinion stands that Chyna should lay her music career to rest. People are being harsh, which was expected, but the star has shown in the past that she isn't fazed by what her naysayers project.

So far, the song has racked up an uncommon "Make It Stop" rating from HNHH users, with "Deserve" sitting at an astonishingly low 18% approval rating. If you haven't heard the single, check it out here. We've included some of the top reactions below.