She was one *thisclose* to becoming a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but after Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian broke off their brief engagement, things turned sour. Blac Chyna has been in and out of court as she's battled Rob Kardashian regarding custody of their daughter Dream as well as child support payments. Now, Chyna has updated a lawsuit she has against NBCUniversal and the Kardashian family with accusations that they have a racist agenda.

Greg Doherty / Stringer / Getty Images

In the Fall of 2016, Rob & Chyna aired on E!. The show only lasted for one season, and the following year, Blac Chyna filed a lawsuit against the Kardashian Krew, accusing them of sneaking behind her back to NBC in order to have the show canceled. Now, Chyna adds to the long-standing lawsuit that the famous family wanted her out because of racism. She alleges that Kris Jenner went to NBC with a story that Chyna physically assaulted Rob, and executives told her that "the situation would've been handled differently if BC was white."

Marty Singer, lawyer to the Kardashian-Jenner's, told TMZ that this latest accusation is just one of many defense tactics that Blac Chyna has used over the years. "This is a 2 year old lawsuit in which Chyna has changed her defense more times than we can count. Sadly, unsurprising to anyone, she has stooped to a new low, changing her defense to try to leverage the emotions and pain of the moment, insulting the pain and suffering of real victims of racial injustice and systemic racism." He added, "We take these allegations very seriously and once again, there is no Rob & Chyna show if there is no Rob & Chyna."

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that their sources have told them the reason Rob & Chyna got the ax was due to the fact that the couple had broken up and Chyna filed a restraining order against Rob, making it impossible to film them together.