As we all know by now, even when celebrities are treated like us "normies," in instances where it cannot be escaped, such as with jail sentencing, there's usually still a catch. Most of them are usually sent to exclusive "celebrity prisons" - like the Clermont twin or Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, where they are able to easily do things like post smiley pictures from their Instagram page. Or, in Kodak's case, are given special priveleges such as a lavish fourth of July meal spread. Either way, in some way or another, they aren't usually exposed to the severe restrictions another non-celebrity in their position would probably be subjected to. This seems to be the case once more with Bill Cosby, who's reportedly living his best, health-conscious life in prison.


Granted, it hasn't been specified exactly the type of food he's been allowed to eat - and whether it's much better than the usual grub, but most prisons usually don't even offer anything other than low cost, low nutrient, starch-heavy foods. For Cosby, however, he's reportedly sworn off all carbs and sugars (and even coffee) from his diet since the day he was sentenced for sexual assault - probably part of why his spokesperson previously stated the disgraced TV host was having an "amazing experience" behind bars. According to TMZ, Cosby's spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, he's been sticking to a strictly nutrient-dense diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, and he trades his bread, coffee and junk food to other inmates for their healthier alternatives "especially broccoli, apples and bananas." If you're wondering just what triggered Cosby's health kick, the 80 year-old reportedly explained that "he didn't want to become an overweight prisoner who ends up suffering from diabetes like many others." Cosby's healthier eating, paired with his newly found exercise regimen, which "includes riding a stationary bike and doing crunches," has meant that he's gone down from 220 lbs. to 187 lbs. Guess jail time is doing him well.