A little over a year after the former power couple shocked the world with news of their split, Bill and Melinda Gates are officially divorced. 

Bill and Melinda had three children together and started a joint foundation during their three-decade-spanning relationship. 

One of the richest couples in the world have now individually become two of the richest bachelorettes and bachelors. To no surprise, the newly single Bill caught the eyes of the Clermont Twins while Yella Beezy shared his thirst for Melinda

bill and melinda gates

Scott Olson/Getty Images

As more and more reports came in regarding the reason for their seemingly-surprising divorce, it was revealed that one of the reasons for Melinda’s distance was Bill’s ties to Jeffery Epstein. There were also reports of an affair Bill had with an employee, allegedly occuring over 20 years ago.

Melinda, who is busy with her own philanthropy work, didn’t get messy during the divorce proceedings with her billionaire husband, and apparently it served her well. Bill gave Melinda almost $2 billion dollars worth in stocks shortly after the divorce was announced. 

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that neither Bill nor Melinda will get spousal support. The two instead signed a 'Separation Contract,' which is a document explaining who got what from the marriage. Interestingly though, even though everything is final, Melinda will not be changing her last name.