Remember back in April when a picture of Big Sean and Eminem in the studio had surfaced and it had the internet buzzing? Well, not much was heard about their collab after that until today when Big Sean spoke with MTV News about that time working with Eminem.

Big Sean sat down with MTV News and briefly spoke about his studio session with Eminem. Sean stated that he wasn't sure where the song will end up, but that it will be a "Detroit Classic". When asked about his experience with the Detroit legend, Sean stated,

“We talked for a few hours before we even worked on music. I was telling him my stories about how we were performing all around downtown Detroit and [it turned out that] he was performing in the same places. It was funny because every story I told him about how I lost a lot of friends, relationships and girls…and [how I've] made new friends, he was like, ‘Man, it’s crazy, because every story you telling me, I got the exact same story just in a different way. Real G’s…similar tales.”

Look for Big Sean's upcoming album, Hall of Fame, to impact sometime this year. Maybe this summer? Check out the full interview below. [Via]

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