Big Daddy Kane and DJ Premier are two of the most legendary icons in the hip-hop world. They both started out in music in the 1980’s and are responsible for many of the flows and instrumentals we hear today. Recently, Kane announced he would be forming a group called Las Supper with Showtyme and hip-hop band Lifted Crew, and will be dropping his first album since 1998. In addition, Kane and Premier concurrently released a collaborative track called "28 Bars Of Kane" back in January, which the MC called “beautiful”. The track was done as an ode to new Jordan XVIII sneakers. Now, Kane tells HHDX, the two legendary musicians want to collaborate on an album.

After reading and hearing about the success of "28 Bars," Kane and Premier realized they may be able to capitalize on their current musical high. Kane said, “We saw how much people was tweeting, and talkin' about it on Facebook...he (DJ Premier) hollered back at me and said, 'Yo, after everything dies down with the Las Supper project, we need to do an album together.”

In response to Premier, Kane told the DJ, “lets make it happen.” He continued, "that's something that's gonna be in the works for later on this year.” So, it might be some time before we hear any more collaborations between the two, but before capping off the conversation, Kane had some kind words to say about Premier. He commended, "Premo is one of those producers that I've always had a lot of respect for. I've always thought that he's just extremely if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Big Daddy Kane’s Las Supper project, Back To The Future, with Showtyme and Lifted Crew, is set to drop March 26th.