Bhad Bhabie's little drink toss at Iggy Azalea has kept her name in the headlines and we can't help but think she's elated about the whole situation. After a video showed Bhad tossing a drink at Iggy (backed by her security and at a far distance) while at Cardi B's Fashion Nova launch, she and the "Kream" rapper have been exchanging words about each other each online, commenting on each other's careers and class.  

While it's clear that Iggy has taken the high road by not trashing Bhad's money moves and just commenting on her age and childish ways, it seems as though the "Hi Bich" rapper still wants smoke. Bhad, born Danielle Bregoli, hit up Instagram to share a photo of herself with a pretty choice caption. "First things first i’m the realest," she wrote, which is the opening verse on Iggy's 2014 track "Fancy."

Bhad could have easily left this week's happenings alone and moved on, but she's gotta stir the pot again. We'll have to see how Iggy responds if she does at all.