If you're able-bodied, please don't be parking in handicap spots. There must be a legitimate reason as to why Bhad Bhabie, everyone's favorite 16-year-old female rapper, drives around with a handicap sign in her car. However, she doesn't feel the need to explain just why she has been provided the pass. During a recent online exchange with a fan, she rudely explained why she's got a sticker hanging from her rearview mirror, noting that sometimes, she just doesn't want to look around for parking.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, is still pretty young to be driving but she must have her license because she was spotted riding around the city the other day. The young star posted a video, which was likely captured by one of her friends, of herself in the middle of a heated phone call. "Who y'all think had me this mad," asked the rapper in her caption. Instead of answering the question, one supporter asked her why she's got a handicap sign in the whip, which is visible to anybody who watches the video. Her response was not ideal.

"Cuz I wanna park where tf I want," said Bregoli in the comments. Considering the fact that Bhad Bhabie is a successful musician, the owner of her own business ventures, and more, she should probably be more respectful to those who aren't able-bodied. Handicap spots are there for a reason...