Bhad Bhabie fans are actually pressing Eminem for stealing her content, I kid you not. The accusations started to build after one fan pointed out an apparent similarity between Bhad Babie's "Hi Bich" and Eminem's "Not Alike." The Twitter user supported their claim with a side-by-side montage of each song. Then another Bhad Bhabie fan came forward with the same observation, possibly in response to the original claim.

From there it became hard to keep track of each user's place in line. 

The formidable "Frernk" pegged "Hi Bich" as better than anything Eminem has released since 2014. 

This Tweeter was "lowkey feeling Eminem's new album, until "Hi Bich" came into focuse, and ultimately washed away any unbiased thoughts he may have held prior.

Even Bhad Bhabie chimes in herself as a response to all the fanfare/backlash, stating that she would be more than happy to accept all the chatter "as a compliment."

Go ahead and make that comparison for yourselves.

Eminem - "Not Alike" featuring Royce Da 5'9

Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich (Original)

Evidently Eminem has his sights on Machine Gun Kelly at the moment, but maybe this too will reach him, or rather one of his henchmen. Do you see a similarity?