Streaming numbers will surely go up in the next few weeks as the majority of people practice social distancing in the comfort of their home. Thanks to Netflix's new plug-in, friends can have watch parties without having to leave their homes. Bringing unity at troubled times, it appears that Beyonce fans are joining forces to have a watch party for Bey's 2019 documentary, Homecoming. Editorial member of Netflix and Strong Black Lead tweeted, "Can we all watch Homecoming as a group some time this week and relive that again???" Following an overwhelming response, she later added a time and a date for this plan. "Alright, let's do this thing! How's Wednesday at 6 PM PST (9 EST)??? We can use the hashtag #HOMEcoming," she tweeted.

beyonce homecoming netflix watch parties
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

It appears that this caught enough traction to get Beyonce's attention who retweeted the original tweet. Of course, OP was struck with excitement after getting acknowledged by Beyonce. "I AM ON THE FLOOR!!!!! BEYONCE RTED ME!!! WHAT THE HELLLLLL!!!! I AM DYIIIIIINNNGG SEND HELP!!!!! I AM CRYIIIIIIIIIIIIING," she wrote before adding that Beyonce barely tweets from her account, let alone retweeting fans.

Following the watch party, Beyonce fans proved that there's strength in numbers as it became the #1 global trend on Twitter within 45 minutes of the watch party. With 500K tweets surrounding Beyonce's Homecoming in total within the span of 24 hours, the Beyhive have found a way to lift their spirits during these difficult times.