For some time now, Beyoncé has been pulling through with some of the most exciting and complex concert performances from any artist in recent memory. A few months ago her Coachella set made national headlines, and now she's embarked on a tour alongside her husband, Jay-Z. 

Their performance together was already exciting as is. The two of them took some inspiration from their former-friend Kanye West and performed on their own version of his floating platform. They also shared quite a few interesting photos with their fans, including some semi-nude photos and some portraits with some mystery babies.  

However, the sudden arrival of The Carter's album, Everything Is Love, has thrown a wrench into people's expectations as to what will happen on the tour. They're obviously going to be performing some of the songs from the album, the question is: how will the performance change. Stufish, the architectural firm that designed the stage, has some insight. In an interview with Dazed, that fans can expect a different show than what was seen before. 

"The show will change, for sure," says Ric Lipson, one of Stufish's architects. "There'll be new content, and they will use the stage differently in those new songs. I don't think they're going to redo the whole show, because there are a lot of hits that you want to sing and there's only nine songs on the album. I don't know yet."

Not exactly the most promising answer, but as a set designer, he isn't exactly privy to all the changes that Beyoncé and Jay might have discussed. Rather, the evolution is part of the challenge.

"What's beautiful about making a show is that they're an evolving organism," Lipson says. "You as the designer, it's like having a child. You give birth to the child but you don't necessarily know how it's going to be raised. We give birth to these children and we raise them for a few weeks, and then we put them up for adoption and they grow up with a different family."