Yesterday marked the beginning of Beyoncé and Jay Z's highly anticipated "On The Run II" tour, which kicked off in Cardiff, Wales. One of the standout moments of the performance, aside from the floating stage, was the images of Beyoncé and Jay Z holding their newborn twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, alongside the captions, "Love Never Changes" and "Love Is Universal."

The internet was predictably excited to witness the never-before-seen pictures of the Carter Twins, but there was something about that photo that not even the biggest Beyhive Warrior recognized. The couple were hiding a dark secret: those weren't their children in the photographs. 

When Buzzfeed reached out to Beyoncé's representatives to ask if the photo depicted Beyoncé holding her twins, they swiftly responded with, "It's not."

It's hard to blame the Beyoncé fans for getting confused, as very little actual images of Rumi and Sir are actually available to the public. Beyond Beyoncé's grandiose photo shoot that she took last year, the twins haven't actually been seen in public since. Considering that they're both less than a year old, it's understandable that they wouldn't want to bring them to a public event, but still. 

The question, therefore, is: if the twins featured in those photos aren't Rumi and Sir, then who exactly are they? Additionally, why even bother getting twin baby body doubles just for some tour visuals? It seems that Beyoncé and Jay Z are remaining extremely committed to keeping their new babies out of the spotlight for the time being.