Bernie Sanders' marketing game continues to shine. As the Democratic primary wages on with no clear winner in sight, fan-favorite Bernie Sanders has decided to set his sights on a new demographic. Linking with the politically-aware Cardi B, who has taken it upon herself to raise political awareness amidst her fanbase, the pair decided to hold discourse in Cardi's favorite nail salon. Though entertaining in theory, the video is more informative than anything, a solid starter pack for anyone interested in getting up to speed with "The Bern." 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

For starters, Cardi inquires about the status of helping immigrants (citing DREAMers and DACA) in America, the theory behind free health insurance, free education and the abolishment of student debt, and many more of Bernie's lofty goals. She also makes sure to address concerns of socialism, explaining that not everyone is down for such a movement. Of course, the "Socialism" blanket has plagued Bernie for a minute, and he makes sure to clear the air on this go-around. Citing Canada as an example, Bernie breaks down the possibilities of free health care in a relatable fashion. 

"Every man, woman, and child has health care as a human right," he explains. "The current system works to make billions of dollars in profit for the insurance companies and the drug companies. That's its function." Cardi counters by suggesting people are afraid to pay more taxes, but Bernie claims that the system is set up in such a complicated fashion, that simplifying it would be a breeze. Should you hold interest in learning a little more about Team Bernie, consider this video a solid introduction.