Now that The Joe Rogan Experience is the third most downloaded podcast in America, Rogan has the clout to get some pretty high-profile guests - his latest one being presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. The comedian sat down with Sanders for an hour to discuss the latter's platform and how he wishes to confront all the issues plaguing the US. The two touched on Sanders' typical talking points, such as: health care, education, criminal justice and climate change. We've been hearing Bernie espouse his views on these topics for years and they all sound pretty easy to get behind. Health care should be free, exorbitant student loans should be absolved, pharmaceutical companies have to stop manipulating patients, and climate change has to be taken seriously, for Christ's sake!

However, right before the end of their discussion, Rogan asked another crucial question that Sanders has not yet been asked, and that we all are dying to know the answer to. Rogan slowed down his speech and asked very earnestly, "If you got into the office and found out something about aliens... would you let us know?". To that, Sanders gave the comforting response: "My wife would demand I let you know." 

So, there you have it. If The Bern makes it into the Oval Office, he will disclose all the suspicious shit that is going on in Area 51 and we won't have to storm it to find out.