Throughout the last few months, Tinashe and Ben Simmons's relationship has been extremely difficult to keep up with. Aside from the cheating allegations made by Tinashe's brothers that led to their break-up, Simmons seemingly began an on-again-off-again fling with Kendall Jenner. During the NBA season, Tinashe was seen at a few Sixers games, cuddling up to Ben afterward and referring to him as her "boo thang." Now, the hoops star has definitely moved on and is reportedly concerned about his safety after the singer started to pop up at the same clubs he and his new girl Kendall frequented. TMZ is reporting that he may even be concerned that Tinashe is stalking them.

At this point, it's far past the point of coincidence in the head of Ben Simmons as the Rookie of the Year believes Tinashe has been "tailing him" and showing up at the same parties as he and his new girlfriend on purpose. According to the publication, he is considering upping his security detail to keep her as far away as possible. You may remember Tinashe allegedly lying about Simmons texting her while he was at the club with Jenner last week. Apparently, Ben is tired of all this drama and is looking for the coincidental pop-ups to end.

Sources told TMZ that the baller is convinced that Tinashe cannot accept the fact that their relationship is over, resorting to possible shady tactics to keep an eye on him. We'll keep you posted with any potential updates on this shaky situation.